Friends of the Library groups are organized at most library branches to promote libraries in their communities.Through fundraising events such as book sales, Friends groups raise money for items not in the library's budget. Joining a Friends of the Library group is a wonderful way to support your community library. Looking for a way to get involved with your community? Love your local library? If so, your Friends group needs you!

You can help us by:

  • Donating your skills and time to help strengthen your local library
  • Serving as a volunteer at special library events
  • Promoting the educational, cultural and recreational resources our library brings to the community
  • Volunteering at Friends of the Library book sales, which raise funds for equipment, materials, and other library projects for which tax dollars are not available.

Projects sponsored by Friends of the Library include:

  • Childen's reading awards
  • Entertaining and educational programs
  • Library equipment and fixtures
  • Grounds beautification
  • Concert series

How do I join?

Most of the Friends groups ask that members pay nominal annual dues, around $5.00 per year, and volunteer limited amounts of time to fundraising projects, community events, and meeting attendance.

If you are interested in joining a local Friends group, you are encouraged to come to a meeting or come to your community library

Meeting Times

To see activities of our Friends groups, check our online calendar of events.

List of Friends Groups

Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library

Bremerton Friends of the Library (Downtown Bremerton Library)

Kingston Friends of the Library

Manchester Friends of the Library

Port Orchard Friends of the Library

Poulsbo Friends of the Library

Silverdale Friends of the Library

East Bremerton Friends of the Library (Sylvan Way Library)