Outreach Services

Can't come to the Library? We can help! Choose your own materials from our catalog or let one of our specialists recommend titles for you.

Home Delivery

Get a monthly delivery of books, audiobooks, DVDs or CDS selected just for you by our Outreach Specialists. Must qualify for service.  

Pickup Partners

Can't get to the Library, but know someone who can? A bag of materials is prepared by a specialist and picked up by an individual of your choice.


Who can apply?

Both Home Delivery and Pickup Partners services are available to individuals with significant barriers to using their Library location, including convalescing individuals, residents of retirement homes, adult care homes and assisted living facilities. There is not a time limit on these services. Please note that lack of transportation alone does not qualify individuals for Home Delivery.

How do I sign up?

There are three ways to sign up for Home Delivery and Pickup Partners. Once we receive your application, an Outreach Specialist will contact you.

  1. Apply online

  2. Print out the application and agreement and mail to 1301 Sylvan Way, Bremerton WA 98310

  3. Speak with a Library staff member at a service desk at any Library location

What can I borrow and when will I receive my materials?

You may borrow a month’s supply of materials in any format: DVD, audiobooks, large-type print, CDs and magazines. Your materials are delivered on a regular monthly schedule. Delivery schedule is based on geographic location; your Outreach Specialist will discuss individual delivery details with you.

How can I be sure I’ll get books and movies that I’ll like?

Know what you’d like to get? Place holds on materials by visiting our catalog or you can share your reading and viewing lists with Outreach Specialists. Looking for some inspiration? Just ask your Specialist to recommend titles.

Do I have to pay extra for this service?

There are no fees for Home Delivery. However, fines may be assessed for lost or damaged items.

Library in a Box

Library in a Box is a free service offered to residential facilities where individuals have obstacles to visiting Library locations. Each Library in a Box contains a diverse range of Large Type print books that will be delivered on a regular schedule. Items are checked out to the facility, not the individual, so readers can enjoy the books without needing a personal library card.