Summer Learning at Kitsap Regional Library

Starting on June 1, get creative, get messy and get ambitious because Summer Learning is full of possibilities. Play in the dirt. Tinker late into the night on your computer. Or simply lounge in the hammock with a long-awaited book. 

Ready to take it to the next level? Participate with friends and family. Challenge your best friend to a who-can-read-the-most contest. Tackle a science experiment with your kids. Flip through Inspire to find classes and workshops to expand your horizons. Whatever you love right now, we’ll help you set and reach your goal...and celebrate your achievements!

How Does it Work?

Read: Read 10 hours, win a prize. Read whatever you want, from comic books to “War and Peace”. Research shows that reading even just 10 hours over the summer helps kids stay on track for the upcoming school year. And adults, it’s good for you, too. Reading novels increases your empathy and emotional intelligence. It’s also the perfect opportunity to model lifelong reading habits for young people in your life.

Read More: Book worm? Try “book dragon!” If you devour books in a single bite, then we challenge you to read not 10 hours, but 100! Once you’ve achievef your goal, show off your literary credentials with one of our sought-after prize t-shirts.

Inspire: No project, skill or challenge is too difficult when you are inspired by a goal. Use the Inspire tracker to make it happen. Last year, participants taught themselves new languages, coded computer games and started their own businesses. One ambitious six-year old even wrote a book.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling to achieve your dreams, but we can sweeten the deal a bit. Share your Inspire tracker and tell us your story and you’ll be entered to win of our top-notch prize kits.